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and columnist ann coulter during a speech to the young america's foundation. this last about one hour and 15 minutes. >> boy, do we have a and now for you. we have ann coulter. first off, i like to welcome our viewers from c-span and a live web spain. i'm an intern with young america's foundation. young america's foundation is the premier organization that educates students on the principle of limited government, individual liberty, a strong national defense, and traditional values. for more information, please call our telephone number. or visit our web site. what did barack obama and ann coulter have in common? [laughter] nothing, thank god. [applause] ann coulter is now the author of seven "new york times was " a best-selling books, and i am sure there will be many more to come. she graduated with honors from cornell university, and no, mr. alderman, not the same school you attended. [applause] she then went on to practice law in new york city and even work for the senate judiciary committee. the conservative movement is so lucky that have an intelligent, articulate, and not to mention ex
to america's highest court, from the grand public places to those only accessible by the nine justices. the supreme court, coming the first sunday in october on c- span. >> next, herman cain, former chair and ceo of godfather's pizza talks about keeping conservative values. he spoke at a conference hosted by the young america's foundation for just over an hour. [applause] >> good morning. thank you all for coming and welcome to the 31st annual national conservative students conference. young america's foundation is the premier organization that educates college students on the principles of liberty, government, individual liberty, strong national events, and traditional values. for more information, i urge you all to go to our website. i have had the benefit of working with young america's foundation for the past two years. have great success with the foundation. i am very excited for our next speaker. herman cain is an accomplished speaker and writer on leadership, motivation, national and economic policy and he is the american dream. godfather's pizza was performing poorly before he
-meaning effort that strangles the entreprenuers real spirit in america. history shows that weakness and a quick question -- any equivocation -- diplomacy only works if that is backed by street. we believe that real community is most often found in our families, and our churches, and in our places of worship, in our neighborhoods, and even in individual acts of kindness and concern and love and caring. and most importantly, we believe in the paramount significance of freedom and liberty. we are not a great nation because died just happened to make us smarter than everybody else on the face of the earth. we are a great nation because we are the freest people whoever had the privilege to live in this great nation. [applause] and that is important because freedom allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things. it allows us to invent, it allows us to innovate, it allows us to dream, it allows us to create, for it allows us had aspirations and the pursuit of happiness that is different from the rest of the war. it gives us a tremendous advantage. it amplifies and celebrates the human spirit. we ha
it resulted in a loss of good will to america. the conservative party fully supports the foreign policy initiatives so far enacted by the obama administration. we are ready to work with our counterparts in washington. central to that work and the single most urgent priority in foreign policy when we come to government would be the american british and wider nato commitment in afghanistan. the conservative party supports the deployment of our armed forces in afghanistan. let me be clear that we are not in afghanistan to, for that country, but to bring about a situation where afghans can provide for their own security and livelihoods of not present a danger to the rest of the world. in consequence, we believe our political objective in afghanistan should be tightly drawn and regularly reviewed and that ever greater priority needs to be attached to the role of the afghan forces. currently only 10% of them are deployed in helmand, even though 40% of the fighting is there. nato forces cannot be in afghanistan for ever, but the acceleration of the training and buildup of the afghan army and o
.m. eastern. >> this fall, into the home to america's highest court, from the grand public places to those only accessible by the nine justices. "the supreme court," coming up for sunday in october on c-span. >> and now north carolina congressman patrick henry and a town hall meeting. he takes questions from the audits. lawmakers across the country are holding similar meetings this month. this is about 90 minutes. >> thank you all for coming out >> is always great to be home. i represent 10 counties across western north carolina but this is where i went from. it is great to be at home. i am glad that you all came out tonight. last year we had a town hall meeting in techerryvile. 19 people showed up. but thanks to the rest of you for coming out tonight. i hold town meetings every town -- every august, one in every county that i represent. i send e-mail out, youtube videos, and try to keep in constant contact about what is happening in washington and what i am doing. can also seem to me to be a great way to get this exchange of ideas -- town halls seem to me to be a great way to get fixed ex
this is c-span, public affairs programming courtesy of america's cable companies. but adds, remarks from bloggers on the new media strategist at right online conference. and then maria shriver gives the unit -- gives the eulogy for her mother, eunice kennedy shriver. tomorrow on "washington journal," the white house correspondent for "the hill tops about how obama is promoting his agenda during the recess. jim martin on his concerns about health care proposals from president obama and the democrats in congress. and fell off alcabes talks about the history of disease control and questionable health policy practices. "washington journal," alive every morning at 7:00 a.m. -- like every morning at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. from the right online conference in pittsburgh, discuss sense of the online campaigning. this act -- this last about one hour and 10 minutes. we had that great time and we're glad to have you joining us. on our panel today, we're delighted had eric erickson, and matt lewis from politics daley appeared without further ado, i will turn it over to them. topic will be, how the righ
of which i think we must respect. >> beth mendelsohn with voice of america, the afghanistan service. if one of the candidates doesn't get 50% and this goes into a second round and things get complicated there, what are the constitutional laws that are in place? can karzai call the loya jirga? and also if it goes the way some of the things did in iran, what is the united states prepared to do in these circumstances? >> rinna? >> i'd like barney to comment on this as well. if there is a security situation then there are stipulations where a loya jirga can be called. but i'd like barney to speak in more detail about this as well. >> well, i'm not sure what your question is about. according to the constitution if no one gets more than 50% of the vote, then a second round has to be held within two weeks of the date of announce mentd of the result. perhaps your question is what is -- if there is civil conflict and it is not possible to do that. we of course do not want to address hypothetical questionsb3 like that. there is an international presence in afghan government that is our partner and if
america, bought all two british influence in the world given the tree that i outlined earlier. on his visit to india in 2006, david cameron said that he believed it was time for britain and india to forge a new special relationship, focusing particularly on fighting terrorism, protecting the environment, and globalization. india is also a leading member of the commonwealth, which has been valued on to the labour -- which as been devalued in the labour gouvernment. it is extraordinary diversity offers some straight, a unique network of 53 countries spanning five continents with 30% of the world's population. we believe the commonwealth is a tool to be picked up and used more often, to help dialogue and conflict prevention, taking a leading role in addressing state failure by coordinating up future rehabilitation package for its former member, zimbabwe. get the commonwealth is not the only group of countries where we can recreate historic connections on a new modern basis. i have long argued that britain should embark on the elevation of its links with many countries of the middle east
] >> this is c-span, public affairs programming courtesy of america's cable companies. coming up, two reporters talk about the significance of the watergate break in 35 years after president nixon's resignation. also on "q&a," drank rich. and another chance to see bbc's "the record review." next, two reporters who covered the watergate story talking about the significance of the story. this last about an hour. now. he worked for "boston globe" and for "u.s. news" -- where were you on august th back then? guest: a wizenei was on the jery shore. all those covering the situation but there would be a hiatus until the full house voted and then there would be a trial and the senate, but the smoking gun appeared and within days nixon was told by republican leaders in the house -- i mean, the senate -- and he was gone. so, i hustled back to washington. i was with "u.s. news" at the time which was a weekly, so we were kind of behind the coverage. covering the house hearings and various, my colleague, stuart loory, working for "the loss angeles times" and other papers highlighted this case. the news maga
of president obama and the other governments. there is across party group in the united states of america with henry kissinger and others who will be proposing that this is the final destination of a defense and security policy. with the nonproliferation treaty did, and what we are now proposing with this document, the road to 2010, was to imagine things. it is said that we should give -- was at two things. we should do so by them relinquishing or surrendering the idea that they would ever have nuclear weapons, but we would in return help them get civil nuclear power. what is said was that the nuclear states themselves would seek to reduce their nuclear weapons. this is still, in my view, the nature of a bargain, a covenant between states and the world, that as we renew the non- proliferation treaty, we get an understanding that in return for relinquishing nuclear weapons, including iran and other countries, relinquishing the possibility of having nuclear weapons or having them secretly, we will say will make it possible for you to get access to facilities that will need to be there. we w
is the fcc diversity czar. i did a c-span interview yesterday. the only more malcontent people in america than left-wing, enters on blogs are left wing collars on the c-span morning show. one of them called in and said there is no one in congress agitating for the fairness doctrine. name names. john kerry did about a month ago. three weeks ago nancy pelosi was blocking -- who is the little control in the senate? not barbara boxier, the other one. they are blocking republican attempts to shut it down, while at the same time appointing people through the fcc to put it back in. we have to be vigilant. >> i live in the snake pit called new jersey have the time. we have three republican congressman who voted for cap and trade. being a lifelong republican and a conservative, i feel that it's time to pull the plug on these people. [applause] gíif they are going to be supporting obama and the democrats in congress, we do not need them. when i talk to other republican people, they say we then get jeff andrew. then we have a man who is running for governor who one week prior to announcing for go
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11